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Friday, January 28, 2011


All of us in Helena who have had kids who have gone through or who are attending Helena Elementary School. All of you know of the carpool line which runs through the back of the school. morning when Andrew was in the 2nd or 3rd grade, Kristi had an experience with Andrew that leveled not only her with laughter but the Teachers who were standing in the car rider line.
Most of you know that Kristi teaches group exercise for the YMCA and has for many years. Her exercise classes are mostly very early in the morning. She would come home after class, pick the kids up and head off to school. Winter months and sweaty cloths can make for a very cold experience and Kristi is one of the coldest natured people I know. Anyway.....know all of this....Kristi picked Andrew and Matthew up one cold morning and headed off to Helena Elementary. And per normal, had the front and rear heat on FULL BLAST. I am talking CONVECTION OVEN type heat. She was totally comfortable. The kids, on the other hand, were hustled out the door, and already a little warm from the running around they did in the morning time.
They arrive at school all safe and sound and Kristi eases down the car pool line. She arrived at the warmly bundled teachers who so kindly greet every parent and student by opening the kids door and saying "Good Morning". WEll.....After baking all of the way down HWY 261 and cooking in the car pool line....Andrew, very quickly, jumped out of the truck as soon as the teacher opened his door. He took about two steps back and took his left arm and wiped his sleeve across his forehead in a very dramatic fashion. (Keep in mind, his Sunday School class has been introducing the concept of Hell to these young kids and his perception of the evil place came out on this day). After the brow wiping, Andrew, in his little Southern Voice clearly stated......"Whhhewww, IT IS HOTTER THAN THE HELL IN THERE"........Kristi crawled under the front seat of the car as she laughed and the Teachers were howling....

I Love You Boy!!!

Big Daddy

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