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Monday, January 31, 2011

.....Miss Julie.......!!!!!

Kris' Boat
About 4 years ago we owned a small place on Lay Lake back in Okomo Marina.  It was a fantastic place for the family to go and relax and play during the spring and summer.  It was not uncommon for us to have 10 or 15 people over to share in BBQ and boating. 
One summer weekend, one of my dearest frinds, Big Kris Wiygul came by with is girlfriend Julie.  Kris had a HUGE Baja Cuddy.  This thing was fantastic....Beautiful and Very Fast!!!!  Andrew absolutely loved it.  Kris, Andrew and I took it down river at full throttle as Andrew smiled and giggled while asking as many questions as he possibly could as the boat raced down the river at 70MPH.

Miss Julie
 We get back to my slip and we tied off the boat.  We were hot and decided to go inside the house to cool off for a bit.  About 30 mins later we decided to head back outside and see what everyone was up to.  Kristi was laying out on the pier and Miss Julie was laying out on the bow of Kris' boat.  Keep in mind, this boat is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous.....Andrew walks down the pier and stands next to the boat and starts looking at Julie as she is sunning in her bikini.  He stood there for a few seconds and said..............."Miss Julie....You Make This Boat Look GooooooooD!!!!!"
None of us were standing....Kris and I hit the pier laughing....

That's My Boy!!!!!

I Love You Boy,

Big Daddy

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