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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

… Man, This stuff is Really Sticky

We have lived across the street from Andrew for 6 years, and some of the things he could come up with never ceased to amaze me. Most people know that we have a pool in the backyard, and Andrew, Matthew and Emily are over often during the summer to go swimming.

Now Andrew can best be described with one word, motion, he never stopped, he was like a glimmer, you would see a flash or glimmer go by, and say “what / who was that”…. oh that was just Andrew. He would move from one thing to the next, and then something else. He reminded me of Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age….

When he would get focused on something, that was all he would work on, until it got boring, then he would move to something else.

Well apparently this day, swimming got boring and Andrew went looking. I don’t thing anyone noticed, there were kids running around the pool, and parents talking, so Andrew walked off from the pool and went to find something more interesting.

No telling how much time later, I was walking around the pool, and noticed Andrew was sitting on the end of the slide, and he kept putting his hands on his stomach, and pulling them off, and it was making that sound, like when you walk on a sticky floor.

I asked Andrew “what are you doing?” and he replied “nothing Mr. Bobby”. I asked, what is all over your hands and stomach? He replied, “Oh, I found one of those sticky mouse traps in your garage, and put the glue on my stomach…man this stuff is really sticky”.

He got that glue from the top of the slide to the bottom, and it took hours scrubbing it off with soft scrub and comet. Looking back it was funny, but at the time, you could have fried an egg on my forehead.

This is just one of the many stories about Andrew that I have and will never forget, They started about the 2nd day we went to our house while it was being built, until the start of the Christmas Parade this year, when he asked me “ Mr. Bobby, you think I could stand on your running boards during the parade? I can hold on to this handle right here, my daddy won’t care ”… No Andrew, that’s not a good Idea...


  1. AWESOME!!! I will never forget that day......

    "Nothin' Mr. Bobby"......LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  2. Gosh! That seems like just yesterday. I can remember trying not to laugh hours later when Bobby was still cleaning off the slide. I am pretty sure that if you look hard enough, you will still see some glue on there!!