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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Storm

I remember coaching Andrew on my offensive line for the Helena Wildcats a few years back. Little did I know that coaching that one year gave me many memories of a great kid I will never forget. For that and other reasons I am grateful. One very hot summer day we were near the end of practice working on routine drills. The humidity was so bad that our shirts stuck to our bodies. It was miserable but I remember feeling sorry for the kids dressed in full pads. I was standing there watching the defensive unit walking through drills when Andrew started walking onto the field heading for my direction. Andrew was where he was not supposed to be and heading for trouble with the coaches but I was interested in what Andrew had to say. "Coach!" Andrew spoke up to me as he turned his body in the direction I was facing and looked up into the sky. "Looks like we've got a bad Thunder Storm coming!" I looked above Andrew into the sky and saw a few clouds, but nothing to worry about. Andrew then said, "You know lightening is dangerous, it can kill people!" He then added, "I think we should call practice!" I just laughed, and asked Andrew if he was tired and then promised him it would be over soon and sent him back to the other linesmen. 


  1. I Love It!!!! He was tuned into the current weather situation. I think there is a good friend of ours watching this Blog that will fill us in on Andrew's favorite...."The Severe"


  2. Steve, You have amazing son. Hunter loved him so dearly. He would talk about him all the time. Andrew was full of life. I can hear Hunter say , "Mom do you want to know what Andrew did today at school?" As Hunter is laughing so hard trying to tell me those precious stories of his best friend.

  3. Like Father Like Son, Andrew must have picked up on some of His Dad's stuff.
    I'm and old friend of the family. Never got to met Andrew ( but will someday )
    I can remember when Steve and my Son Carl Jr. played together at Centerpoint ball park. Steve was a catcher his chest protector and leg guards were as big as Steve. Steve's Dad was a little bit hard on old Steve and everytime He would let a ball get by to the backstop Steve would get mad and after a few trips to the backstop Steve would begin to cry. When He happen to strike out say thing tears would show up. We had many fun times at the ball park. Candy bar and coke would make things better. Sounds like Steve and Andrew were made for eachother. We all will met in the big ball park in Heaven where time out will never be called again. No more tears but a lot of praise and glory. Andrew has started His ETERNAL LIFE where their is no mud holes for Dad to pull Him out. JUST STREETS OF GOLD...

  4. i would have to say that andrew was the class clown in science class he would do anything to make anyone laught. and would do anything crazy in that class he would past notes, talk out loud, and bunch of other stuff that i know he would so do in that class room :) andrew was always unpredictable about what he would do next. He is a great kid kind a caring a fun to be around sometimes you don't see a lot of kids like that nice, caring , fun,unpredictable,smart,and thinks positive. Andrew is full of excitement and full of life and he will always be loved and though of all the time

  5. Man Andrew was funny kind and nice> I miss him so much. Im pretty sure everyone does. He was very nice to everyone. Hes in my 8th period class. I know he would get in trouble alot. Fight and argue but that is just him. thats what alot of boys will do. Everytime i see his pics it makes me want to cry cause you know your never going to see him again. Thats sad cause he was a good friend. I feel so sorry for his sister cause i know she misses him too. Everyone misses him. I just have one more thing to say. We miss you andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!