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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Idea Stealer!!!!

Andrew and I were in 5th grade when this happened. It's not an "Andrew Scheme" this is just funny to me. Well one day in 5th grade, it was hat day on this particular day. My class, Andrew's class, and a few other classes were outside on the playground. Andrew and I were standing near the slide with a few other people. Like always, Andrew was cracking jokes.

The wind started to pick up and Andrew's Helena Football hat flew off his head. It rolled around in the dirt and Andrew ran to get it. "Oh crap, it's got dirt all over it!" Andrew complained. He brushed the hat off and put it on backwards. He put his bangs through the hole. (that's in the back of hats)

I began to look at the way he had his bangs situated. I thought it was a cool idea and did the same thing with my hat and bangs. While Andrew was telling a story that I knew, he turned to me and said, "Kaitlyn, you remember don't you? Wait a second... hey, you stole my hat idea!" I laughed a little and he said, "Kaitlyn, you're an idea stealer!" I laughed a little more and asked, "I'm a what?" "You heard me, you're an idea stealer! An idea stealer is someone who steals someone else's ideas. You stole my hat idea!" "Did not, i thought it looked cool so I did the same thing with my hat and bangs." "SEE!!!! You just admitted you copied me!! IDEA STEALER!! IDEA STEALER!! KAITLYN'S AN IDEA STEALER!!!"

So Andrew keeps screaming that out for a little while longer. Then he walks up to one of the teachers, points at me, and said, "Kaitlyn stole my idea!" I was laughing along with a few other kids at him. I guess he was having himself a "2 year old" day! Haha(:

I miss you Andrew!!

Idea Stealer!

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