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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stitch Splitting Laughter!!!!!

Just a few minutes ago a good friend of mine sent me a picture he stumbled across from our football banquet which took place last year at Helena Middle School.  My 120# football team was celebrating our 2nd Place season while eating and watching video.  Well....Andrew, as you can see from this picture was the center of attention as he so loved to be at any function we attended. 
One of our players, Devan "DeWalk" Walker, had injured himself durning a bicycle accident prior to the 2009 football season.  He cut his head very badly which required a few nights in the hospital and a lengthy recovery process.  Thankfully Devan made a full recovery and was able to play the entire football season.  God Blessed Him.
I tell you that story to complete the first one.  The boys are all sitting around the table listening to Andrew tell stories and make jokes.  No one can remember exactly what Andrew was saying but Bret Walton told his dad, Frank, that Andrew made Devan laugh so hard that the large scar he had on his head split open and he started bleeding.....I am actually laughing as I am typing this...Not at Devan but.....well.....yes at Devan.  I love Devan dearly but he is laughing too......Im still laughing.....

I Love You Boy....

Big Daddy

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