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Friday, January 28, 2011


About 3 years ago we all went down to Gulf Shores for a relaxing week of Beach Life. Andrew and Matthew's primary goal is to feed the seagulls. We get everything in the condo, get changed into our bathing suits and head down to the beach. Andrew decided he needed to take the 2 pound bag of Cheetos with him for a mid afternoon snack.We got down to the beach, chairs and towels all in place and Kristi decided we should take a walk down the beach. So, off we go. Matthew and Emily are walking and playing along the breaking surf and Andrew is about 20 feet behind with this HUGE bag of Cheetos under his arm, eating away. I was wondering how long it would take....About 3 minutes....before he spotted a seagull. Up went a hand full of Cheetos. Soon there were about 15 of them hovering above his head in the breeze. Im not quite sure how they do it but they called in a bunch of buddies and the 15 birds turned into 5 more every time Andrew is tossed up a fist full. The next thing you know there are 40 or so and Andrew having to duck every time he throws. I would guess he has pitched about a good pound of snacks by this time and the seagulls are in Heaven. Here is where it gets funny.....Our friendly seaguls got brave and were hovering and swooping right at Andrew's fist every time he would throw....This kinda freaked him out so he started running towards us laughing...the mistake he made was by THROWING handfulls of Cheetos at the Dive Bombing Seagulls while he was running and screaming...."GET AWAY"......The more he threw the more they chased. He was frantically trying to scare them away with their dinner. As he continues throwing he sprints toward Kristi and me and yells...."THEY KEEP COMING"....We are laughing so hard we cannot talk or help...All we could get out was...."DROP IT"...

Thankfully he ran out of Cheetos and Andrew was finally safe. Once he realized what had happened, He was laying on the beach laughing at himself....

I Love You Boy,

Big Daddy


  1. I love this one! I can only imagine the amount of seagulls chasing him for his cheetos... lol!

  2. hahahaha!!!!! i remember andrew telling me this story at school one time!!!! i was cracking up!!! miss you buddy!!

  3. Nicole Buttercup Waldrop!!(:January 30, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    I remeber him telling me about this at school too! I laughed soo hard then and i laughed just as hard now becuz no matter how many times u read these storys, they never get lless funny(: i miss you andrew! haha(: and btw mr steve, this was by far the BEST idea ever! i love this blog and cannot stay off!!(:

  4. Nicole...Thank you so very much for saying that....
    I love it as well. Hopefully after more people hear about it we will be able to get more posts. There are many more stories floating around that will be posted. My neighbors and I were talking this weekend about this blog and we shared about 10 more stories that I have never heard....All Funny!!!!!