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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sniper

One night around 12:00am or so, I went out to the driveway to satisfy my bad habit after playing on the computer. I was standing in the cool night air looking around and noticed Andrew was still awake, I could see him in the window across the street in his room.

This was not an uncommon thing, Andrew was always awake very late. I continue on, when I hear Andrew open the window, so I look over and Andrew is looking out the window and is holding a stick or something, so I dont think anything about it.

I kept watching, (Andrew loved to sit on that part of the roof over the porch since it is pretty flat) Incase he climbed out the window I could yell at him to go back in. He had not noticed me standing in my driveway, he was just scanning the area from his vantage point.

I was getting ready to walk inside when I hear Andrew Yell "FREEEEZE", and hear a shot, I thought "Holy Crap Andrews got the Pelet Rifle out", and ducked behind my truck. I look over and Andrew is looking the other way, takes aim and shoots again.

Well, I yell at Andrew and ask if the gun is loaded, which turns out it wasnt, so I told him he probably needed to close the window and put the gun up, he said ok Mr. Bobby and closed the window, I went to bed...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Ok, last year Andrew and I were in 6th grade. Well one day Andrew decides to throw something at another kid. Well one of our teachers saw Andrew throw something. (i cant remember what it was) She gets all mad and yells down the hallway, "ANDREW RALEY, DID YOU THROW THAT????"  Andrew looked shocked that she saw him. He turns around and walks over to the teacher and says, "Yes ma'am." "Go pick it up, that's a strike!!!" (strikes are like conduct marks for middle schoolers. you get three in one week and you have detention) Andrew does as he's told and then walks over to his group of friends.

I saw what happened and decided to go laugh it off with Andrew. When i got over there he was talking about how crazy she was. Then he put one hand on one of his hips, pretended to filp invisible hair, made a funny face and said, "Andrew go pick that up!! That's a strike!!" in a girl-ish voice. Everyone who had heard him was cracking up!! Him and myself included. Oh boy I'm laughing as i type this. Oh how i wish to hear that again!!!! :D

I love you and miss you Andrew!!!!


Monday, January 31, 2011

.....Miss Julie.......!!!!!

Kris' Boat
About 4 years ago we owned a small place on Lay Lake back in Okomo Marina.  It was a fantastic place for the family to go and relax and play during the spring and summer.  It was not uncommon for us to have 10 or 15 people over to share in BBQ and boating. 
One summer weekend, one of my dearest frinds, Big Kris Wiygul came by with is girlfriend Julie.  Kris had a HUGE Baja Cuddy.  This thing was fantastic....Beautiful and Very Fast!!!!  Andrew absolutely loved it.  Kris, Andrew and I took it down river at full throttle as Andrew smiled and giggled while asking as many questions as he possibly could as the boat raced down the river at 70MPH.

Miss Julie
 We get back to my slip and we tied off the boat.  We were hot and decided to go inside the house to cool off for a bit.  About 30 mins later we decided to head back outside and see what everyone was up to.  Kristi was laying out on the pier and Miss Julie was laying out on the bow of Kris' boat.  Keep in mind, this boat is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous.....Andrew walks down the pier and stands next to the boat and starts looking at Julie as she is sunning in her bikini.  He stood there for a few seconds and said..............."Miss Julie....You Make This Boat Look GooooooooD!!!!!"
None of us were standing....Kris and I hit the pier laughing....

That's My Boy!!!!!

I Love You Boy,

Big Daddy

De-Planting Shrubs!!!

This story was posted on facebook by Gail Martin McDonald.  She is Kristi's Aunt.  I never heard this one and laughed.  Thank you for the story..................

Just looked at mine and Rex's wedding pictures. Ten years ago in March. Nancy brought Andrew over here to GA to our wedding. He was about 4 years old I guess. I had just moved into my new house a couple of months before the wedding. Al...l the shrubbery had not been planted too long because everything was still new. Andrew found it very easy to pull the shrubs out of the ground because the dirt was still very soft so......he pulled up all the shrubs up around the house!!! My son-n-laws, Jeff and Kevin, spent the afternoon replanting the shrubbery!!! I have some great pictures!!!

The Trampoline

I was reading the funny story about Andrew cooking pizza and pulling the oven door off to my middle daughter Jaimie. She chimed in that she had an "Andrew Story" and so we thought we'd share. Kristi and I were very close and our youngests, Ally and Emily were friends too. This meant that we would pop over sometimes and hang out a bit. This particular day Jaimie, Kaitlin and Andrew were jumping on their trampoline. It had seen lots of use and the netting had some holes in it. At some point in the jumping Andrew ordered the girls to look away. They did, but being interested, Jaimie took a peek back at Andrew to see what he was doing. What a suprise! Jaimie turned to see Andrew peeing off the trampoline, out of one of the holes in the screen. Not having brothers did nothing to prepare Jaimie for this sight and she quickly turned her head. You could NEVER anticipate Andrew!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stitch Splitting Laughter!!!!!

Just a few minutes ago a good friend of mine sent me a picture he stumbled across from our football banquet which took place last year at Helena Middle School.  My 120# football team was celebrating our 2nd Place season while eating and watching video.  Well....Andrew, as you can see from this picture was the center of attention as he so loved to be at any function we attended. 
One of our players, Devan "DeWalk" Walker, had injured himself durning a bicycle accident prior to the 2009 football season.  He cut his head very badly which required a few nights in the hospital and a lengthy recovery process.  Thankfully Devan made a full recovery and was able to play the entire football season.  God Blessed Him.
I tell you that story to complete the first one.  The boys are all sitting around the table listening to Andrew tell stories and make jokes.  No one can remember exactly what Andrew was saying but Bret Walton told his dad, Frank, that Andrew made Devan laugh so hard that the large scar he had on his head split open and he started bleeding.....I am actually laughing as I am typing this...Not at Devan but.....well.....yes at Devan.  I love Devan dearly but he is laughing too......Im still laughing.....

I Love You Boy....

Big Daddy

One Of Many Taco Bell Jokes

This is by far my favorite Taco Bell joke from Andrew:

"You're a true redneck if you think Taco Bell is a Mexican telephone company!"

Andrew, you always made people smile. We look back at our memories and you still make us smile and enjoy a bit of laughter today. You are always in our hearts, in our prayers, and on our minds.

We love you Andrew!!