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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sniper

One night around 12:00am or so, I went out to the driveway to satisfy my bad habit after playing on the computer. I was standing in the cool night air looking around and noticed Andrew was still awake, I could see him in the window across the street in his room.

This was not an uncommon thing, Andrew was always awake very late. I continue on, when I hear Andrew open the window, so I look over and Andrew is looking out the window and is holding a stick or something, so I dont think anything about it.

I kept watching, (Andrew loved to sit on that part of the roof over the porch since it is pretty flat) Incase he climbed out the window I could yell at him to go back in. He had not noticed me standing in my driveway, he was just scanning the area from his vantage point.

I was getting ready to walk inside when I hear Andrew Yell "FREEEEZE", and hear a shot, I thought "Holy Crap Andrews got the Pelet Rifle out", and ducked behind my truck. I look over and Andrew is looking the other way, takes aim and shoots again.

Well, I yell at Andrew and ask if the gun is loaded, which turns out it wasnt, so I told him he probably needed to close the window and put the gun up, he said ok Mr. Bobby and closed the window, I went to bed...

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