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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Trampoline

I was reading the funny story about Andrew cooking pizza and pulling the oven door off to my middle daughter Jaimie. She chimed in that she had an "Andrew Story" and so we thought we'd share. Kristi and I were very close and our youngests, Ally and Emily were friends too. This meant that we would pop over sometimes and hang out a bit. This particular day Jaimie, Kaitlin and Andrew were jumping on their trampoline. It had seen lots of use and the netting had some holes in it. At some point in the jumping Andrew ordered the girls to look away. They did, but being interested, Jaimie took a peek back at Andrew to see what he was doing. What a suprise! Jaimie turned to see Andrew peeing off the trampoline, out of one of the holes in the screen. Not having brothers did nothing to prepare Jaimie for this sight and she quickly turned her head. You could NEVER anticipate Andrew!

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