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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


About 8.5 years ago we lived in a home in Alabaster. It was a nice little house we bought as a fix-me-up. Kristi and I worked on this house day and night for about 6 months to get it to where we liked it. The finishing touches to the home was..."NEW CARPET" know where I am going with this one.

Andrew would have been about 3.5 and Matthew still in diapers. The boys were back in Matthew's room playing. I would say, 15 or 20 mins. Reading books and playing with trucks, you know, normal little kid stuff.
Kristi popped up and went into Matthew's room to check on them......"OH MY GOSH....ANDREW, WHAT DID YOU DO?"....She was furious. I ran into the room to see what all of the stink was about and saw the "Magic Marker Race Track" that happend to be so neatly drawn on Kristi's Brand New Carpet. And yes, Andrew was sitting in the middle of it playing NASCAR. I can honestly say that in the 20 plus years I have known Kristi, I have never seen her that mad. So I picked Matthew up and escorted Andrew out of the room and into the den. There was about 15 minutes of silence in the air as my sweet Kristi gathered herself.
About that time, Matthew dropped a bomb in his diaper. I got up, grabbed a new diaper and began the cleaning process. I pulled the soiled item off of him and started laughing...I said, "Kristi...Look!"......Andrew had taken the same "Magic Marker" and ever so carefully, colored in Matthew's belly button. He obviously did this during his NASCAR designing period.

She and I laid on the floor and laughed for about 10 minutes and then started the ink removal from our son....

I Love You Andrew....

Big Daddy


  1. funny! What happened with the carpet?

  2. This cracked me up!!!! Maybe it was a pothole in the course. Too funny!