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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hmmmm ..... Nails and Tires

We had been in our new house about a week, and Christain and Hayley wanted me to go get there swingset from my brothers house (he had been keeping it over there while we were in the apartment). I went over to Steves house to get his trailer, and we headed over to my brothers.

We got back to my house, backed the trailer in the yard. I went and got a box of 3" framing nails and a hammer, and started putting the swingset back together. It didn't take long, I had about 1/2 of the swingset back together when I heard "Hey Mr. Bobby, whatcha buildin?". I told Andrew, I was putting the swingset back together so Christain and Hayley could swing. Of course Andrew asked if I had another hammer, which I didn't, so he started looking around, while I proceeded with what I was doing.

I kinda saw Andrew walking around but didn't pay that much attention, until I went back to get some more nails. I looked in the box, and noticed that there were quite a few nails missing, so I started looking on the ground. found some here and there, and mentioned to Andrew, don't drop allot of nails on the ground, they might get stuck in a tire, Looking back that was more of an idea, than a warning

I kept on working on the swingset, and just happened to see Andrew do a quick look around, and then bend down and put something near one of the tires on the trailer. I didnt think much about it, then I saw him do the same thing, but to the tire on my truck. I kept hammering, and figured I would see what it was before I moved anything.

I got done with the swingset, and went to check and see what Andrew had been doing. Well it turns out he had propped up nails behind and in front of every tire, all 4 tires on my truck, and all 4 tires on Steves tandem trailer. I was a little shocked, a little irritated and I didn't know what to think, Leslie had come outside, I showed her, and she was shocked too. I yelled at Andrew and he ran over, and I asked him if he put the nails under the tires, he said "Yes Sir", I asked why? "I don't know" he replied. I said, you realize this is your dads trailer, and he will get pretty mad if he gets 4 flat tires, he said "Yes Sir" and walked off.

A few minutes later Steve walked over, and asked how the swingset was coming along, I said good, and told him about the nails and Andrew. He said "I will take care of this, where is he?" We looked around the yard, then Leslie said "there he is, walking around upstairs in the house". from this point on its a blank, I remember Steve apologizing and us laughing at the same time...


  1. I don't get it. What happened next?

  2. LOL!!! I have tears in my eyes laughing and Matthew is cracked up....
    Thanks Brother..


  3. What did Steve do? Why did he put the nails there? What happened next?????