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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Andrew was about 11 years old when this happened......
I was sitting in my chair one night and Andrew was in the kitchen cooking.....Yes Cooking a pizza. He put the pizza in the oven and came back into the den. Our den and kitchen are open to one another but are divided by an open counter top so I did not have a direct line of sight to the oven. Well....Andrew went back into the kitchen to check on the pizza and came walking back out into the dining area, which is open to the den and said....."Hey Big Daddy, Is This Supposed to Happen".....He came walking around the corner holding the door to the oven like a barbell in the curling position, with this IM IN TROUBLE look on his face.........I fell out laughing. There was nothing I could say....!!!



  1. Awesome! He got his strength from Dad!

  2. First of all, congrats to you! The blog looks awesome! I am so glad that you have a place wehre you can record these stories.
    What a great story, one that continues to garnish laughs, which is a testiment to how incredible Andrew truly is and was. Even in from beyond, he continues to make us laugh. That is truly a gift, one that can be received again and again. I cannot think of a more incredible gift than that of laughter.
    Much love you you all! I am looking forward to hearing more "Andrewisms".

  3. Just like Andrew. Take something apart (unintentionally this time) and not put it back!