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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Coach Craig....PULL ME OUT"

This story took place a few years ago at the Helena Sports Complex. One of our local Boy Scout Troops had just installed a large patch of bermuda grass right at the fence entrance of the complex. Well.....It rained a bunch that week, durning baseball season and as you would expect, the new sod was a marsh pit.
We were leaving the complex after a baseball game one night and Andrew shot out of the gate real fast to beat Matthew to the truck so he could lay claim to "Shotgun". This was a constant battle between them and Andrew was definately going to win it on that night. So...we hung around for a few minutes talking to everyone just as I like to do and we decided to head on out the gate. As expected, Andrew was the center of attention. He had decided to test out the freshly planted sod. Keeping in mind, the mistake was made by me when we got to the field...."Andrew...Do Not Get Near That Sod. It Is Very Wet and Very Muddy". Well, 2 hours later the thought was to much for him to pass up. As I walked through the fence there was a group of kids and adults standing around laughing and I saw Coach Craig Knight standing there looking down at the newly planted sod. My stomach tightened as I knew what was possible. I then hear Andrew...."Hey Coach Craig" In his Southern Drawl...."PULL ME OUT"....Well....Andrew had jumped off into the new sod and SANK TO HIS THIGHS IN THE MUD!!!!!! He had a grin on his face from ear to ear. Craig grabbed one hand, I grabbed the other and we pulled him out. Yes....His shoes are still planted about 3 feet in the ground. This is where they are to this day.
I made him ride home in the back of the truck, laughing all of the way. We arrived home and Andrew popped out of the truck and ran over and hosed himself off. He looked over at me and said..."Thanks for pulling me out Big Daddy...I should have listened to you"

I Love You Boy!!!!

Big Daddy


  1. Even though I have heard that story several times, it never fails to make me laugh. This blog for Andrew is a great thing!!