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Monday, January 31, 2011

De-Planting Shrubs!!!

This story was posted on facebook by Gail Martin McDonald.  She is Kristi's Aunt.  I never heard this one and laughed.  Thank you for the story..................

Just looked at mine and Rex's wedding pictures. Ten years ago in March. Nancy brought Andrew over here to GA to our wedding. He was about 4 years old I guess. I had just moved into my new house a couple of months before the wedding. Al...l the shrubbery had not been planted too long because everything was still new. Andrew found it very easy to pull the shrubs out of the ground because the dirt was still very soft so......he pulled up all the shrubs up around the house!!! My son-n-laws, Jeff and Kevin, spent the afternoon replanting the shrubbery!!! I have some great pictures!!!

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